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Art as an Asset Class

Fine Art and Collectibles can be considered as an asset class on their own because of their intrinsec attractiveness. The high prices achieved in most sectors of the art market make it difficult to ignore the value of art holdings when making decisions in asset allocation or tax planning. Moreover, art works have delivered consistently attractive long-term returns while traditional assets have failed to do so.

By investing in and/or collecting art works and collectibles with Baudot Patrimony, you will benefit from the following:

  1. Diversification offering both economic and emotional values;

  2. Investment grade tangible asset with high residual value;

  3. Low correlation with conventional asset classes;

  4. Protection against inflation and currency devaluation;

  5. A potentially attractive long-term yield;

  6. Reduced transaction costs saving 10-30% of asset value;

  7. Arbitrage opportunities in one of the last unregulated markets of scale which are inefficient;

  8. Tax advantages;

  9. Decreasing supply (except for contemporary art) and increasing demand.