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Art as an Asset Class

Art elevates what some would like to consider a commodity to the highest reaches of the capitalistic tree when one considers that it offers both an emotional value and an economic value which can enhance our present and be passed to future generations. Baudot Patrimony aims to unravel and demystify one of the last surviving international unregulated markets of scale which is inefficient.

"Art is an overlooked investment class that regularly beats traditional return ratios and can provide a wealth of opportunity." (FT Adviser, October 30, 2008).

Art offers to investors a unique opportunity for portfolio diversification into an area that has historically provided high returns and shown a low correlation to conventional asset classes such as equities, bonds and real estate.

Art has not only an attractive risk-return profile, but it can also protect against inflation and currency devaluation.

Moreover, the risk decreases as art holding period increases without substantial changes in return.

Both investors and collectors would thus benefit from allocating 1-10% of their wealth to fine art and collectibles.