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Benefits to Investors

Baudot Patrimony was founded in London to offer a sophisticated proposition to investors seeking transparency and diversification in fine art and collectibles.

Benefits to Investors
Safe Haven
we invest only in high quality art works that have a high residual value
we invest in tangible assets that can be kept in safe locations
we invest in art works that have a low correlation with most asset classes
Inflation Hedge
we invest in real assets that provide protection against inflation
we invest in the most liquid sectors of the art market by targeting collectibles
we invest with a transparent process and are regulated by the FCA in the UK

The Opportunity

We offer two main investment products:
Access to our Proprietary Trading and Wealth Preservation,
which will invest in Chinese porcelain, rare stamps, old letters and historical documents
as well as in paintings and 19th and early 20th sculpture

We do not use leverage, so our investment products are less risky than private equity,
yet we target attractive returns:
10% net p.a. for Access to our Proprietary Trading and
5-10% net p.a. for Wealth Preservation

We do not aim to sell you any collectibles from our stock
but rather invest your money to buy more stock
that we will aim to sell to our private network of collectors within 2 years

We prefer to buy low
rather than to try to sell high or to forecast future prices

We create alpha by our unique expertise and private network of collectors,
and we do not need any leverage to produce superior returns

We are transparent and when we do private treaty deals
we always know who is the seller and who is the buyer

We consider you not only as a client,
but also as a partner