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Access to our Proprietary Trading

Investors seeking returns in excess of 10% net per annum will have the opportunity to access Baudot Patrimony’s proprietary trading. This represents a unique opportunity for investors to get the same entry price as that of the most successful art dealers. No fees will be charged and profits will be shared equally between investors and our team.

We invest in the most liquid sectors of the art market and thus target mainly collectibles such as Chinese porcelain, rare stamps, old letters and historical documents. We may also invest in 19th and early 20th sculpture, and for some investors in contemporary art (mainly middle eastern and Asian art). Our team is uniquely qualified and combines over 300 years of art expertise from some of the world’s leading global art dealers, members of the vetting committees of leading art fairs, as well as former directors of Sotheby’s and Christie’s.

Access to Baudot Patrimony's proprietary trading will be offered only to investors mandating Baudot Patrimony to trade art works and collectibles on a discretionary basis for a minimum commitment of $100,000 over at least 4 years and agreeing to share 50% of the net profit with Baudot Patrimony.